Update: Adventist Singles is teaming up with Christian Mingle

We’re joining forces with Christian Mingle to provide you with a better online dating experience and more search options.

Current Adventist Singles members will be invited to re-register. Those who create a new Christian Mingle account will receive lifetime Premium access - a limited offer for our community.

We will ask you to register with the same email address you currently use on Adventist Singles so that we can provide you with free Premium access. Once you have created your account, we suggest you check your profile details and preference settings to see if you would like to make any changes to them.

If you are currently using the Adventist Singles app, you will need to download our Christian Mingle app instead once you have created your new profile.

We've prepared a few questions to help you with the transition.


What will I see when I login?

You can immediately start browsing all the profiles according to your Discovery Preferences.


What are Discovery Preferences, and how will I adjust them?

Your Discovery Preferences describe what you’re looking for in another member.  These filters will be accessible from the menu by selecting “Discovery Preferences”.

By default, the denomination “Seventh Day Adventist” will be selected but you can change this at any time, if you so wish.

We recommend that once you’ve created your new profile, you visit this page and make sure that your settings reflect your preferences.


Where will I find my messages?

Your messages can be viewed by selecting the “Messages” tab.  Here you will be able to apply filters to find your conversations.

Important note: Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that after making the change between platforms you will have access to both the profiles and the messages that are currently visible in your account.

If you want to save your messages, we recommend that you do so in the next few days. Our suggestion is that you access Adventist Singles from your browser and copy the content of the messages into a text file.

You may also wish to exchange contact details with your favorite matches. However, be cautious when communicating off-site. Please read these guidelines for more information: Christian Mingle – Online Safety


How will I view or edit my profile?

To see your profile, you will navigate to the profile photo icon at the top of the page and choose “My Profile” from the drop-down menu.  You will then be able to view and edit the information on your profile from this page.

After you’ve re-registered, we recommend that you visit this page in case you wish to make any changes.


How will I make changes to my account details?

You will find your email address, password and location by navigating to the profile photo icon at the top of the page and then by selecting “Account Settings” from the menu.

Here you will also be to manage your account visibility or delete your account completely.


Thank you for being a member of our platform. We know there are a lot of changes that may be a bit challenging in the beginning. If you have any questions, and you can’t find the answer within our Help pages, please reach out to us.  We’ll be happy to help!